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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Coriander Essential Oil Uses and Information

Spark Naturals Coriander Essential Oil

Coriander is Spark Naturals' Oil of the Month for November. 

Just what is it and what's it good for? Let's start with some great information from the Spark Naturals website.

Product Description

Coriander – Coriandrum sativum – United States
Description: Coriander oil has a pleasant, sweet, spicy, candy-like odor. The lower notes are floral, balsamic, and peppery. The aroma is sometimes described as warm and faintly floral. Coriander is also an Anti-Oxidant with a high ORAC*(see footnote below) score that helps with the digestive and circulatory system.
Properties: Analgesic, Antifungal, Antispasmodic and Stimulant
Historical Uses: Coriander has been used in Mexico and Peru as an integral ingredient in their chili and cooking. The Chinese believe that those who consume coriander seeds will be rewarded with immortality. The Israelites used Coriander in their cooking to help ease digestive issues, muscle spasms, headaches and assist in detoxifying the body..
Possible Uses:
Dilute in liquid for stomach ailments. Coriander has a warming effect on the stomach which helps with gas, muscle spasms and menstrual cramps.
Diffuse to stimulate the mind and ease fatigue.
Mix with massage oil or dilute in bath to help ease digestive issues, muscle spasms, headaches and assist in detoxifying the body.
Blends well With: Bergamot, Cinnamon, Ginger, Grapefruit and other spice oils.
Coriander Essential Oil Application:
Can be used aromatically
Can be consumed
Can be used topically (Apply NEAT)

And more.....
Coriander essential oil is distilled from the seeds, dry fruit or dhania of the plant. Coriander refers specifically to the seeds of the plant where as Cilantro or Chinese Parsley really refers to just the leaves.
Coriander’s ability to lower glucose and insulin levels has been studied in Egypt.  
The Cairo University found that it does in fact normalize insulin levels and support the pancreas! 
Coriander essential oil also can be used to release emotions related to addictions and fears; especially those of the heart. Excessive eating, alcohol and sugar cravings all fall in that category and can be released using this oil!
Coriander oil is rated as GRAS(generally regarded as safe) by the FDA and can be safely used for internal consumption.
*ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. It tells you the antioxidant capacity of a food item. Antioxidants have shown to reduce the risk of age related conditions and cancer! This was developed by the USDA researchers. For instance: Oranges = 750; Clove = 1,078,700. Yep...that's a lot....go buy you some Clove too!

What a Deal!
Spark Naturals Oil of the Month Club is a fantastic deal. Every month, on the same date that you joined originally, you'll receive one 15 ml bottle of quality Essential Oil for just $15.99. This includes tax and shipping! What a deal! For instance, a 15 ml bottle of Coriander Essential Oil sells for $23.40. That's a savings of almost $10. 

Remember, coupon code does NOT apply to the OOTM Club.

Blessings from Patti's Place to Your Place!


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